Bridal Makeup

The bridal makeup includes wedding day makeup application, false lashes, as well as a complimentary bag filled with all the necessary tools for touch-ups on the special day! Artist can also stay for touch-up at the request of the bride at an additional $20 per hour.

We provide bridal makeup services on location to ensure convenience for the bride. There is a $100 deposit required to reserve the wedding date. The payment balance (cash or check) is due upon arrival of the makeup artist, on the day of the wedding. Cancelation within one month of the wedding date is subject to a cancelation fee. There are EXCEPTIONAL cases, so feel free to contact us for quotes. In some cases, we offer FREE makeup service for the mother of the bride.

Special Events Makeup

This includes proms, birthday parties, family photoshoot, wedding anniversaries, housewarming parties and other special moments in your life. We want to be there to give you an enviable look that would leave your guests staring all day.

We can meet at the client’s location as desired by client for an additional fee as well as travel fees. Services normally include full face contouring and false eyelashes.

special events

Photoshoot Makeup

Why not let’s add a beautiful touch to make that picture sparkling? We provide a beautiful makeup application for your “save the date” or engagement photos. We can meet at the client’s location as desired by client for an additional fee, which covers travel fees. Services normally include full-face contouring and false eyelashes.

Makeup Coaching

As professionals, we are here to teach makeup artists the techniques needed to succeed. Whether you are an amateur looking to learn how to do your daily makeup, or a beginner or pro needing to learn more skills…we’ve got you covered. Trainings or tutorials normally include:

  • Contouring Techniques
  • Eyeshadow Blending
  • Eyebrow Expert
  • False Eyelash Application
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Natural and Clean Makeup
  • Traditional Engagement
  • Everyday Full Face Makeup
  • coaching
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    Face behind the Brush

    At all times, I listen and pay attention to the needs and desires of my clients, making sure they are satisfied is my priority. Our job is to LISTEN, and then CREATE! There is nothing more fulfilling than to satisfy our clients with great customer service. We use high definition products that leave your skin flawless, without any rashes, itchy feeling or allergies, with the use of toxic-free, cruelty-free products.

    We offer COMPETITIVE prices for a unique service that creates a great memory to cherish in years to come! We pride in our flawless face creation for all occasions from weddings, to birthdays, Engagement ceremony, Prom, and Photoshoot.

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